Kognitiv Spark – the new reality for industry workforces

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Canadian company, Kognitiv Spark, provides industrial augmented reality (AR) task support software. Built for the Microsoft HoloLens, their RemoteSpark platform uses proprietary software technology to deliver an AR solution for remote support to industrial workforces.

TEST Magazine, caught up with Kognitiv Spark’s co-founder & CTO, Ryan Groom, and senior infrastructure manager, Paul Archer, to discuss the software and hardware challenges the company overcame to become a leader in the field of industrial augmented reality solutions.

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Maritime DevCon taking place June 8 in Fredericton

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Maritime DevCon (hosted in Fredericton), is in their 6th year of operating the conference, having hosted over 700 attendees and 75 speakers to date. This year they anticipate 200+ attendees and 20+ sessions covering a wide range of topics including Development, Cloud, DevOps, User Experience, Data Science and Architecture.

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Stepscan Technologies Inc. Introduces New Multi Subject Tracking API For Use in Military Training Applications

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Stepscan Technologies Inc. announced today the launch of StepTracker™ its new multi-subject tracking API for use in military training and simulation. StepTracker™ addresses the unmet need of identifying and tracking individual war fighters as they move through shoot house/ training facilities while engaged in close combat and urban operations training.

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Military Adopts Augmented Reality Technologies

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The Royal Canadian Navy has adopted the use of augmented reality (AR) technology for a variety of militarily uses.

The Royal Canadian Navy has partnered with Kognitiv Spark with hopes of using AR technology to improve maintenance and repairs on naval ships. The company intends to incorporate a number of technologies in its software solutions, including 3D content, artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT) data, and AR.

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