Fredericton Company Connects Long-Term Care Facilities And Families

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Amidst the uncertainties of Covid-19, FamilyConnect‘s technology helps build that bridge between families and the long-term care facilities looking after their loved ones.

“The big thing with FamilyConnect is realizing that the family needs to be brought in as a valued member of the care team and information does need to get to them and we need technology to help us in that way,” said Amanda Betts, founder of both FamilyConnect and New Brunswick health tech startup, eChart Healthcare.

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Jaza Energy: A 2020 Keeling Curve Prize Finalist

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Finalists for the 2020 Keeling Curve Prize, an Aspen-based program that awards money annually to innovative global warming mitigation projects, were announced Thursday evening.

The announcement was part of the Smithsonian’s virtual Earth Optimism Summit —a 4-day series of discussions about environmental conservation and sustainability efforts worldwide — and recognized the 20 Keeling Curve Prize finalists chosen from over 300 applications submitted.

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Propel announces a new continuous intake model!

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Today Propel is excited to announce its transition to continuous intake, where startups can begin the accelerator program at a time when they need it most instead of waiting for the next cohort-based intake.

Propel is constantly striving to improve the startup experience for founders in Atlantic Canada and the virtual accelerator’s model is proving highly advantageous as the world transitions to a virtual working environment.

In 2018, Propel launched its new virtual accelerator program, the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada. This programming model reflected our commitment to serve entrepreneurs wherever they were located and provided access to rural areas where programming was not previously available. Online delivery allowed companies to access best-in-class content and methodology, dedicated one-on-one coaching and mentoring from experts and successful business leaders around the world.

“While the ability to access content from anywhere was appealing for most startups, what we continued to hear was the need for real-time support associated with a founder’s stage of business,” said Jeff White, Chair of Propel’s Board of Directors. “By moving to a continuous model, Propel can offer support to founders at the time they need it most,  applicants will now be able to start our accelerator 12 months a year, removing the obstacle of waiting 6-12 months for the next cohort to start.”

By offering continuous intake now, Propel is well-positioned to help Startups through the COVID-19 global pandemic through its e-accelerator by continuing to offer its companies virtual coaching and access to content through their online learning management system. Propel founders continue to benefit from the insights of our network of mentors through our virtual fireside chats and this has helped founders maintain a sense of normalcy and support during these unprecedented times.

Barry Bisson, CEO  says “Over the next 3 months, Propel will onboard close to 30 new companies into our e-accelerator and that’s just the beginning.  We are ready to talk to founders who are looking to accelerate their path to growth and don’t want to wait. We are ready for you. Anytime. Anywhere.”

As companies are accepted to Propel’s e-accelerator they will be announced on the organization’s Facebook Page.

Visit our new website at to learn more.

About Propel

Propel helps entrepreneurs build high-value tech companies through their continuous intake e-Accelerator. Propel aims to be a catalyst in fostering the growth of successful global technology companies headquartered in Atlantic Canada.

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Chile’s Gimò partners with Kognitiv Spark to bring remote Hololens comms to South America’s miners

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Kognitiv Spark says it is partnering with Gimò Technology Solutions in Santiago, Chile with the RemoteSpark remote worker digital communications support solution available to the South American mining sector. Gimò is a company with extensive experience in providing services to mining and other industrial sectors, that also supporting its customers with innovative technological solutions for asset management. The statement said the team at Gimò understands the value of real-time remote worker support enabled through technology. This has led Gimò to become an official value-added reseller of Kognitiv Spark’s RemoteSpark system, servicing all of South America.

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ENTREVESTOR: Pandemic whacks some startups, benefits others

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About a month into the lockdown, I’ve been trying to assess the mood and experiences of Atlantic Canadian startups, and it’s difficult to sum up in a few sentences.

Some companies have seen revenues vanish and are wondering if they’ll survive. Others have found sudden demand for their products. Cash-rich companies developing medical products are waiting to get into the lab again. And some IT startups are focusing on product development because there’s no point in trying to generate sales now.

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