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Porpoise offers free Work From Home Kit

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Companies and their employees are dealing with a huge shift in the way they live and work due to the ongoing developments of COVID-19. To support these businesses and their people, Porpoise is offering Free Accounts along with specially designed Work From Home Programs to make this “new normal” a little easier and more personal. Check it out below and see what you can do with your teams while they are remote.

Keep your teams connected and inspired during uncertain times with 5 templated programs, a free Porpoise account, and free Slack integration.

The Work From Home Kit can be downloaded here and gives an idea of what to do with your teams while they are remote.


Byos Cautions RSA Conference 2020 Attendees, Travelers and General Public to “Dirty Half-Dozen” Public Wi-Fi Risks

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Byos, Inc., an endpoint security company focused on concept of Endpoint Microsegmentation through Hardware-Enforced Isolation, recommends caution for attendees of major conferences and events such as the RSA Conference 2020, a leading cybersecurity conference in San Francisco, February 24-28, and travelers in general risks of Free Wi-Fi. Many attendees will access the Internet via multiple free Wi-Fi connection points from Hotels, Airports, Coffee Shops and the Conference itself, and every free Wi-Fi access presents security risks for users that Byos calls “The Dirty Half-Dozen.”

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