Byos Cautions RSA Conference 2020 Attendees, Travelers and General Public to “Dirty Half-Dozen” Public Wi-Fi Risks

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Byos, Inc., an endpoint security company focused on concept of Endpoint Microsegmentation through Hardware-Enforced Isolation, recommends caution for attendees of major conferences and events such as the RSA Conference 2020, a leading cybersecurity conference in San Francisco, February 24-28, and travelers in general risks of Free Wi-Fi. Many attendees will access the Internet via multiple free Wi-Fi connection points from Hotels, Airports, Coffee Shops and the Conference itself, and every free Wi-Fi access presents security risks for users that Byos calls “The Dirty Half-Dozen.”

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Upcoming Webinar – How can SDR’s / BDR’s use Intent Data?

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Intent Data is one of the hottest buzzwords of 2019 for B2B Marketers. And why wouldn’t it be? Everyone would love to know which companies and buyers are in market for their solution. Marketing Teams are already fueling their advertising and marketing campaigns focusing on decision-makers and key champions in businesses who are showing intent to buy.

However one of the most critical components for success with Intent Data is making sure the Sales/Business Development teams understand and leverage this new source of intelligence in parallel with all other Marketing efforts.
In this Webinar, you’ll learn about:
  1. What is third-party intent?
  2. How can SDR/BDRs leverage Intent data to prioritize their prospecting efforts?
  3. How can Marketing lay out the framework for Sales to efficiently use Intent data?
  4. What are some limitations with third-party intent data?

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