Rick MacPhee

VP of Business Development


Jeff White



Rick is a seasoned Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professional. During his 18 years at NBTel, Rick channelled much of his efforts toward developing innovative solutions to telecommunications challenges in the healthcare sector. This led to his work at Bruncor and the implementation of the first tele-health system in New Brunswick and subsequent tele-health systems operating in the province today. 

Rick also spent time at iMagicTV as Director Business Development and Strategic Partnerships – managing all business relationships with companies such as AOL, Alcatel, RCA, Nortel and Cisco. Following the IPO of iMagicTV, Rick went on to work with AnyWare Group as VP of Product and Business Development.  It was at this time he developed and implemented two award winning services – ROAM Portal for health professionals to securely access hospital systems and Patient Portal for educating and managing at risk diabetic patients.

Taking the learnings from ROAM and Patient Portal he co-founded Inflection Point Healthcare, providing a mobile analytic platform that enables individuals to take charge of their individual health issues and those of their loved ones.

Rick has worked with many young entrepreneurs looking to implement innovative solutions.